[Videolib] MEVIN: Modern Educational Video Network

Ann Fuller (fulleran@mail.armstrong.edu)
Tue, 05 Aug 2003 16:18:17 -0400

Hi. I recently recieved a large number of videos as part of a series,
"America: A Cultural Mosaic", from the Modern Educational Video Network
(MEVIN). I got the videos from another department on campus who seem to
be cleaning house.

I'm concerned about whether the videos were actually purchased or if
they we might have gotten them as part of a subscription program, which
might keep us from legally adding them to our collection. So, my
question is whether anyone on the list is familiar with MEVIN and/or may
have current contact info. (MEVIN or this series may somehow be
associated with the Modern Talking Picture Service as well if anyone has
info on them.)

Ann Fuller
email: fulleran@mail.armstrong.edu

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