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Lori Stevens (STEVENLO@uvsc.edu)
Fri, 01 Aug 2003 08:25:08 -0600

Here is a live one for y'all on a Friday from a faculty
member who wants the title and where to buy it. If you can
help with the former, I will see if I can come up with the

"This is an English movie that came out around the late
50's early 60's. The premise is there is a piece of paper
with ancient writing on it that is put into the pocket or
somewhere in somebody's clothing by the one who is casting
the evil spell. This creature, which no one ever really
sees, goes after the victim to retrieve the paper. If the
victim finds the paper, a wind mysteriously tears it form
their grasp and they chase after it trying to retrieve it,
meanwhile, the demon/creature is on a collision course with
the victim also trying to retrieve the paper and at the same
time, destroy the person who last possessed the paper. The
only way to avert being killed is to find the paper with the
evil writing on it and return it to the person casting the
spell without it being torn from their hands and thus not
being able to retrieve it in time. The final scene of the
movie takes place on a train. The hero finds the paper and
it is nearly snatched out of his hands by this mysterious
wind. He confronts the villain and without being caught
slips the paper into the bad guy's pocket. The bad guy
realizes what has happened, the wind takes the paper out of
his hand and he is chasing it down the railroad tracks
trying to retrieve it in time...but does not."

Thanks for your help!

Lori Stevens
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