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We mail video cassettes constantly and use "Video Vault" from Plastic Reel Corp in Jersey. However, the last time I tried to get them, they were taking only special orders of 1000 or more cases, but might be worth checking into. The Video Vaults work great and we've never had a video cassette damaged in mailing (though some lost from borrowers not shutting the cases properly). We soon will be buying DVD mailing cases as educational product becomes more available on DVD.
Trent Nicholas
Statewide Educational Media Resources
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

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Hello all,
I have been asked by the local agency for the deaf to recommend a
strong, reusable case that they could use to mail videos to patrons and
that the patrons can use to mail the video back to them. Our public
library mails very few videos and so I am not sure what to recommend.

Does anyone have information about a mailer and the supplier that I
could pass on to my colleague?

Thanks for any help I can get.

Renee Zurn
Duluth Public Library
520 W. Superior St.
Duluth MN 55802
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