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We use KwikCase lockboxes for both our DVD and CD collection. As a few others have commented before on this listserv, the DVD lockboxes are a little klunky and don't shelve particularly well if you are standing them on end. I guess they have a new, slimmer DVD lockbox that might work better for shelving them on end. I have to say that the lockboxes are indestructible--we've yet to have one jimmied open in the third floor restroom--and I'm sure we have patrons who have tried.

We've been using KwikCase CD lockboxes (both single and double) for five years. They hold up very well under heavy use. Several years ago, a patron figured out how to bend the "tongue" back and force the CDs out of the case and we lost a few CDs to bathroom robbery. I'm still not sure what tool s/he used--if you take a screwdriver or hammer to these cases, you'll see that they are pretty indestructible. That patron has apparently reformed or moved away (and thankfully didn't teach anyone else the technique) as we haven't had any problems for the past several years.

The same unlocking magnet works for both models, simplifying the charging process and the amount of "stuff" at the checkout desk.

I experimented with some locking DVD cases offered by Midwest Tapes. I liked them for their slim design, but was able to slice one open in several seconds using a box cutter.

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Not quite video, but dvd and cd oriented. After only producing the product
for about 2 years, Alpha Security is discontinuing the line of security
cases we used for cds and dvds. After I finished screaming in my office, I
wrote our two branches to let them know, and now I need to know what
everyone else uses. I know Kwik case is out there, but I am not familiar
with it. I will be perusing the catalogs, but it is so nice to have real
world information. Thanks so much. I need to go scream some more.

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