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Your concerns are well founded. It is doubtful that the encapsulated
area will have an independent ventilation system to the outside so I
would be concerned with mold build up, humidity and condensation and
heat variations. The chief problem I suspect would be the tape windings
sticking to each other causing oxide loss when they are used again. Not
to mention health problems if they unwrap the cocoon and find it full of

Find out how the contractor abates humidity in the encapsulated area -
there are passive devices on the market that absorb huge amounts of
water from the air. I would get a bunch of them and put them in all
around the video stacks before they are warped. I'd also check your
insurance for what recourse you have if some portion of the collection
is unusable.

I suspect, from a cost stand point, it would be cheaper to replace the
damaged videos (if any) than add the extra costs to ventilate the cocoon
to the outside. I wouldn't worry about the CDs or DVSs.

This is going to ruin your circulation figures for this year.

Good luck.
Mark Richie

Gena Zelenka wrote:

>I have a HUGE concern regarding the temporary storage of videotapes. Our library will be closed for 6 weeks starting September 1st as we are going through an asbestos abatement project. Instead of moving out the entire audiovisual collection to a storage area they plan on wrapping the stacks first in plastic, then in plywood, then in plastic again.
>Has anyone heard of or experienced this being done to their collection? My concern is that without an HVAC system going there will be no air and if it gets hot...what happens to the tapes, CDs and DVDs? Can anyone advise?
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