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Your inclination is right. At the very least you would need public
performance rights; you may even need broadcast rights. Your station manager
should know better. Find out which titles s/he has in mind (ask for 2 or 3
specific titles), then ask the distributors if the copy you purchased from
them is cleared for this use. You will need to explain the nature and scope
of the station to get the correct response to your request. And don't asume
that the responses you get from these 2 or 3 will suffice for all
distributors. Each one has its own prices and terms. When you get the cost
and terms of the licenses (cost per showing, per semester, per year, etc.),
take that information to the station manager and ask if s/he is willing to
foot the bill.
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> The station manager of our college television station (viewed only within
the college) has asked whether faculty who assign their students to watch
films as homework can request that the station show these films. My
inclination is that this does not fall within the fair use guidelines.
Station manager says that this is not really different from having students
view the films on their own time in Media Services, simply more convenient.
I'd be interested in the opinions of other list members.
> Thanks! Maureen
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