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Steve Fesenmaier (
Sun, 20 Jul 2003 21:09:32 -0400

Angel City

In 1980 WVLC Film Services was contacted by a Hollywood company to
provide WV license plates for a production. We arranged for that to
happen, and we were greatly impressed by the quality of the film.
Amazingly, I finally found a used VHS copy of the film at
The acting is fantastic, the story moving, and I rank it as one of the
best TV films I have ever seen. Here is one web description:

A migrant farm workers thriller! Made for TV movie about a
dirt poor family
who pack all they have into their beat up pick up truck
and head out in search of
something better. Theyfind work as migrant farm workers
picking crops. They
also quickly learn that their employment comes with a
cost. They are held as
virtual prisoners on what could be described as a cross
between a slave plantation
and a concentration camp. The corrupt head honcho has also
developed a system
to keep his employees from fleeing. Ralph Waite best known
for playing yet
another scratching to keep his familyfed character John
Walton from The Waltons
is featured as the head of the down on their luck family.
Mitch Ryan is cast as the
sinister head of the migrant workers camp. Paul Winfield
co-stars as another
Angel City inmate and Elvis Presley buddy Red West as one of
the camps Bulls.
An interesting original thriller. Directed by Philip Leacock.
Also stars Jennifer
Warren and a young Jennifer Jason Leigh.

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