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Pat Shufeldt (
Fri, 18 Jul 2003 11:45:46 -0400

The first film has been regularly used for several years by the S.C. Appalachian
Council of Governments during management classes offered to government employees
in a 6-county area. The Greenville (SC) County Library System also has used its
copy extensively as part of a staff training program. It was first shown during
the 2002 Staff Development Day program and is now shown to all new employees
during orientation sessions.

As I remember, there are purchase restrictions which limit its use to the
purchasing organization itself. Considering the amount of use these copies
have received, as well as the overall positive reception, I would say that they
have been worth the money for both organizations. A key to their effectiveness,
however, is a strong followup program to emphasize the concepts over an extended
period of time.

FISH STICKS, the second film, was used for Greenville County Library System's
Staff Development Day program in 2003. It was OK; but not as good as the first

Now that the Fish Philosophy books are showing up in places like Office Depot,
it's probably time to start looking for something else which doesn't run the
danger of being too widely used for maximum impact. Any suggestions for other
good customer service film titles which would have the same level of appeal for
staff development?

Pat Shufeldt

Sally Wellman wrote:

> Has anyone seen or purchased any of the "Fish Philosophy" programs? I have a
> big problem with paying $790 for a 17 minute DVD or $690 for VHS, but I've got
> someone from across the street in the Capitol who REALLY wants them.
> I'm sending for the free previews, and I just wanted to get the opinions of
> others.
> Thanks.
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