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I was curious what the increased prices offered at each step, so I asked.
Basically, the library price arbitrary, presumably because more people have
an opportunity to see one of their titles in a library than one sitting in
someone's home. The university price is to cover the fact that the title
will be used in classes (I guess that means in front of lots of people).
When I pointed out that classroom use was legal even with the home use
price, she (unidentified) said that the company just decided to price their
programs this way. I pushed for our closed circuit use to be included with
the university price, and she seemed to have no problem with that. Not
surprisingly, they don't do purchase on approvals, either. Still don't like
the price, but at least they didn't require a separate, renewable license!
Here's to friends of the library making donations,
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> I don't understand this. Does it violate anti-trust and doesn't the first
> sale doctrine make it impossible to enforce?
> Jed
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> Occurs to me that, in the spirit of truth in vending, the tiers should be
> "poor, poorer, and poorest" -- then again, it's difficult to say who
> belongs where on these tiers...
> gary
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