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Dear Danette,

this title (according to IMDb produced by Gaumont in 1897) doesn't seem
to be in the Cinematheque Gaumont where some other titles probably made
by Alice Guy during these years can be found.

In any case this title refers to the first striptease dance performed in
Paris some years before this film was made. Here are some infos:

1894 The first professional striptease took place at the Divan Fayonau
Music Hall in Paris. Le Coucher d'Yvette, as the act was billed, showed
a girl undressing to go to bed.

And, for trivia collectors, the first striptease shows began in Paris in
1895 and even then they tried to be 'arty'. The first was titled Le
Coucher d'Yvette and had the 'plot' revolving around a girl gradually
disrobing as she vainly searched for a flea.

1895A. D.-Paris introduced the striptease. In "Le Coucher d'Yvette,"
Yvette slowly undressed while ransacking her clothes for a flea.

Taluni storici indicano il 1889 come data del primo vero s., realizzato
da Blanche Cavelli al café-chantant parigino `Le Divan Japonais'
sull'aria della canzone "Le Coucher d'Yvette": la ragazza si spogliava
accanto al letto, di fronte alla fotografia dell'amato appena richiamato
alle armi.

The Naughty 90s
Paris of the flamboyant 1890s was synonymous with illicit pleasures. In
1889, impresario Maurice Zidler opened the Moulin Rouge, which
successfully repackaged a half-forgotten dance called the chahut as the
can-can. In 1894, what is believed to have been the world's first strip
joint opened nearby on rue des Martyrs, the Divan Fayouac, with a
routine titled Le Coucher d'Yvette (Yvette Goes to Bed). The belle
époque ('beautiful era', a phrase coined in the 1920s in a wave of
nostalgia after World War I) was a time of prestigious artistic
activity. The city was an immovable feast of oysters and champagne -
until August 1914.

On this date in 1893, the earliest documented striptease was performed
at the Bal des Quartre Arts, held at Paris's notorious Moulin Rouge.
This groundbreaking bump-and-grind was offered by a woman remembered
simply as Mona, who normally earned at least a portion of her living by
posing nude for painters and sculptors. About a year later, the first
professional striptease show, known as "Le Coucher d'Yvette," began at
the nearby Fayonau Music Hall in Paris. In that fleeting display of
flesh, comparatively tame by today's standars, Yvette attracted
voyeuristic audiences by portraying a women who disrobed before going to
bed. Soon afterward, titillating local imitators developed similar
routines based on other domestic activies, such as bathing.

To more indepth search for Alice Guy's film you might post to
alt.movies.silent (via Google groups). Some experts in silent film are
contributing to this newsgroup.

With kind regards
Peter Delin
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