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Carol Dunn (
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Video Store Shopper sells repair type
items. They have a website at:
The have leader tape, splicer kits and tabs,
video repair stations etc.....
If you are ever heading east and pass by Findlay,
call me. Our AV Specialist will be glad to
show how she does her repairs! :-)

Carol Dunn
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We are investigating getting a video repair kit to do basic fixes on our
tapes - new leader, new shells, etc. We have the info on the RTI equipment,
and Jim Scholtz' response to a query in April. Is there anything else out
there? We used to send these out to a local video store, but the person who
did the repair got too backed up, and stopped doing it. I hate to get rid
of tapes if all they need is new leader, or reattached leader, splicing in
the ad portion of the film. Thanks in advance.

Becky Tatar
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