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>A friend sent me a description (see below) of a film he is trying to
>identify. Does anyone know this film?
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>I have this dreamy foggy memory of a film I found flipping through cable
>years ago (about late 80's or early 90's). I believe it was a Euro,
>perhaps French. The hero was a middle-aged man, racing in a car around the
>countryside. The film was rather avant-grade and fits the dreaminess of my
>half baked yet haunting memory. The man is in terror of The Devil and the
>The Devil is a cute little girl. The only thing else I can recall is the
>ending - the little girl has been captured (saved?) by Jesus himself. They
>are all in heaven with host of angels all grinning and laugh about "and
>she was so afraid of us - she had nothing to fear".

The short film your friend is searching for sounds like Toby Dammit (or
Never Bet The Devil Your Head) starring Terence Stamp and directed by
Federico Fellini. It is the third part (and best, in my opinion) of an
omnibus film called Spirits of the Dead (US title) from 1968. All three
shorts are based on Edgar Allan Poe stories and the other two films are
directed by Roger Vadim and Louis Malle. I am pretty sure it is still
available for purchase on VHS.

Hope that helps!

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