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The direction this discussion is taking could only occur on a list populated
by academic librarians. Public libraries and even some academic libraries in
some areas pay far less than $39,000 for a brand new MLS holder. Of course
where I live you can still by a relatively nice house for under $200,000,
too. Where I *work* you can still by a nice house for under $100,000, but
you're liable to have a lot of time on your hands evenings and weekends; the
restaurants have any kind of sauce you could want as long as it's ketchup,
mustard or mayo; and the beer menus list every conceivable kind of
Budweiser, Miller and Coors brew in creation.

Talk about God's country--as the locals do...

Mike Tribby
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A lot of PUBLIC libraries that I know of offer even less than that to an
entry-level librarian with an MLS. The way I figure it, a Master's in
library science will get you the equivalent of what a Bachelor's should get
you in the private sector. And, quite often, a bachelor's degree will get
you, in the library world, about what the rest of the world can expect with
a high school diploma or GED.


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I wasn't going say anything, but I thought to myself when I read the
posting, that I wouldn't have wanted to invest in a Masters Degree only to
be offered $39,000...hmmm!!!


At 06:03 PM 7/10/03 -0700, you wrote:

Took a look at that recent job announcment posted on that list.

"Qualifications: The University of Delaware Library seeks a motivated,
service-oriented, entry-level librarian with: an ALA accredited master's
degree; strong oral and written communication skills; strong public service
orientation; strong interest in video and film as an instructional resource;
interest in and experience with audiovisual media and computers, preferably
in an academic setting; ability to create and manage web sites; ability to
provide effective user education; ability to establish and maintain
effective working relationships with diverse individuals in a busy and
rapidly evolving instructional media environment; and, an interest in
working with new developments in instructional media technology.

Salary: Expect to hire at the entry-level Assistant Librarian level,

$39,000 on a Masters in an academic institution? Wow, that's pretty rugged
isn't it?

Good heavens I had no idea. Think I'll stay in K-12 if possible.

Rick Faaberg

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