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We recently went to universal check out for our videos, previously
restricting them to high school and above, unless the title was R rated,
then over 18. The complaints we have had on our videos, though have almost
always been in regard to foreign films - people are surprised by the sexual
content. Now, we do label our films with the ratings. If the IMDB
indicates that there was a US rating for a foreign film, I will get that
sticker put on. I know it is against ALA guidelines, but I figure the more
information the patron has.... However, some films are not rated. I have
explained, not always to the patron's satisfaction, that people in other
countries have different attitudes about sex, violence, drug use, and any
other topic, than we do, and their films often reflect those attitudes. I
remind them that there are sources available to check on a title's content,
or they can ask their friendly reference librarian. Our selection policy is
that we will not purchase X rated videos. However, if a film was rated
NC-17, I would have to consider the title, go by reviews, on a case by case
basis. Also, as shown by the movie this winter "Kangaroo Jack," the ratings
are very deceptive. I think you really have to check reviews - not just
Randy's excellent source. but the national reviewers, local papers, etc,
especially if you have a question about a particular title. Hope this

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