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Okay, Jessica. Gloves off. (That actually might help the Cubs...)

<< Dennis

I have NO problem if NAATA wanted to pressure Fox to show the Chan's showed

IN CONTEXT but they wanted them banned. I think the Wong & Hayakawa

comparison is more than fair. They allege that the Chan's should not even be

SEEN because they perpetuate bad stereotypes of Asians yet they UNDERSTAND

and SUPPORT studying and screening Wong & Hayakawa films many of which

perpetuate the same or worse stereotypes. To me this is clear double

standard in that is it is OK for Asian actors to play offensive characters

because "they had no choice" but if I white actor plays a character who is

by ANY standard for less offensive that SOME characters played by the above

of the above, it is so horrific that it can't be shown to the general


NAATA is not censoring anything themselves. And they do not have the power or
legal right to ban anything. NAATA is making a protest, as groups I have
belonged to have made protests against war, nuclear arms, animal abuse,
anti-Semitism, and Israel. Right or wrong, they all have that right. Protests happen
with almost every Disney animated movie in the past twenty years from Aladdin to
Lion King. The public discussions, including this one on Chan, can be very
valuable additions to the cultural fabric of our nation. And again, the
generalizations made here about Wong and Hayakawa is just as bad, and without knowing
the content of the documentaries being made, I would be concerned about your
prejudging them.

I'm not saying NAATA is right about the Chan films and I actually think there
are more important issues for them to take up, but they do have that right to
voice their concerns and ask for the films not to be shown. Fox has the right
to do what they wish and as the weasles that own some of the more disgraceful
media outlets around the world, they did exactly what one expects they would

When I was at Kino and religious groups were protesting the showings of The
Last Temptation of Christ that I had booked at campuses and film societies, I
always suggested the programmers invite the protesters to a public discussion
rather than flame them. It made for much better screenings, educational
possibilities, and community relations. And since TCM does do wraparounds and
discussions, it's possible for "concerned" broadcasters to provide context and do it
cheaply. Having gone to college to study Radio/TV, I did learn that
broadcasters should be held to high standards. And my friendships over the years with
journalists and broadcasters have proven this can exist even in today's
society. Murdoch's Fox is just too stupid and too exploitive not to treat this issue
as anything but inexpensive publicity.

And I have not spoken of it before as friends are involved, but since it's
now an issue, there have been cases of "prior self-censorship" by the
distributors themselves to erase negative images from their films to make them more
palatable to the audience. That is just a disturbing. To be specific, Image's re
lease of "The Lost World" and Kino's own "Uncle Tom's Cabin" are two such

<<I also think it is going to get VERY messy if ever offended ethnic or

political group insists that any old movie with offensive content must be
shown in "context." Since this would simply make it too expensive for the already
wary studios to show those old movies they don't care that much about in the
first place.>>

First, the press and advertisers get tired very quickly of these protests.
The American tendency towards apathy is an unfortunate one. And second, context
can be a simple card or two before the movie such as was suggested on
alt.movies.silent. Lastly, as above, Turner does it all the time, so it does get done.

<<Don't worry you will be rid of me in an hour and you can post anything you

want about Chan, Wong OR the Cubs >>

Well, the Cubbies could be seen as giving a bad name to all bears, and the
continual whipping of these poor innocent animals for nearly a 100 years would
make a good protest. Legally Blonde III and the Friends of the South Side,
hopefully, will take up this cause.

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