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Jim Glenn (
Tue, 01 Jul 2003 15:33:00 -0700

I totally agree with Jessica. She makes some excellent points. If
television stations won't show the Charlie Chan movies, then how can they
show a movie with Eddie Murphy playing a white Jewish man?

Jessica, why don't you take your argument to the O'Reilly Factor and see if
they will put you on the air to discuss the situation?

Jim Glenn
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At 06:56 PM 7/1/03 -0400, you wrote:
>I am sure I am opening up a BIG can of worms here but I am VERY upset
>and sad that due a complaint from NAATA and other Asian American
>organizations the Fox Movie Channel has abruptly cancelled showings of
>the classic Charlie Chan films from the thirties. I think it is appalling
>and tragic that ANY media organization would encourage censorship to the
>extent of preventing films from being seen. What is particularly
>upsetting is that I doubt most of these people have ever WATCHED these
>films. While the issue of white actors playing Asian roles can be endlessly
>debated , do we ban ALL films in which white actors play Indians, Blacks,
>Asians , Non- Jews playing Jews etc ? In fact the Chan character IS NOT
>the shuffling pigeon English speaking buffoon described in NAATA's letter of
>complaint , but a well educated , well spoken HERO who always solves the
>mystery the white police CAN'T . I realize it is not
>my place to tell someone what is and is not a stereotype of their group but
>I would love to know exactly WHICH films people watched to come to this
>conclusion. The Charlie Chan films are much prized by film & mystery buffs
>and are wonderful "B" movies that helped launch the careers of many notable
>directors, writers & actors
>To get these films "banned" by removing them from TV ( You can't get them
>legally on video) is the worst kind of censorship. Should Kino stop selling
>BROKEN BLOSSOMS or THE CHEAT since they contain respectively a white actor
>playing a Chinese character and a stereotype of a lustful Asian. I hope they
>plan on campaigning against the many of the films by starring Anna Mae Wong
>& Sessue Hayakawa which often contain stereotypes for worse than Charlie
>Chan even if the actors were Asian
>It is just inexcusable to encourage Fox or anyone to remove
>a film that you find offensive. If they wanted Fox to do some after
>commentary or have links to a web site explaining their position that would
>have been an excellent way of getting their view across. This is censorship
>pure & simple
>There is one amusing bit of irony in that the highest rated show
>on the Fox News Channel is Bill O'Reilly who spends a LOT of time
>attacking the "left" for their "PC" attitudes on cultural issues
>I suggest he look in his own backyard.
>Jessica Rosner
>Kino International
>333 W 39th St. 503
>NY NY 10018
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