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Please add my name.

Mary Salvato
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>>> 07/02/03 01:45PM >>>
ok... how about this statement for signature (consider it a first draft,
but I'd like to get something out to the group for signature soon). The
way I'd see this going is that those of you who support the document send
me your name and title and I'll append to the statement and send off to fox
and naata.

We the undersigned are disturbed by and strongly object to the Fox Movie
Channel's recent decision to suspend the broadcast of the Charlie Chan film
series. As individuals variously involved in collecting, providing access
to, programming, and teaching about film and video in schools and
libraries, we feel that all films have something to tell us about ourselves
and our culture, past and present. Films such as the Charlie Chan series
present a snapshot of past cultural notions that deserve to be placed in
historical context, viewed, and discussed, not censored. The action taken
by Fox does nothing to "evoke discussion about the progress made in our
modern, multicultural society;" it basically stifles such discussion by
attempting to deny the past and hide the cultural record. We feel that
Fox's decision is no less insidious and dangerous to the public good than
the prejudice and stereotypes it attempts to avoid. We hope that Fox will
seriously reconsider this action. As librarians and teachers we would
welcome the opportunity to help provide background materials that could be
used to provide a social context for this programming.

Gary Handman
Media Resources Center
Moffitt Library
UC Berkeley

"What is cinema? Nothing. What does cinema want? Everything. What can
cinema do? Something."
--Jean-Luc Godard, Histoire(s) du cinema

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