[Videolib] Yet more Chan posts

Jessica Rosner (jrosner@kino.com)
Wed, 02 Jul 2003 20:30:47 -0400

I just picked one of my favorite posts from the ever cynical alt.movies
silent newsgroup. Again this group has some of the best threads including
a VERY funny if somewhat obscure reference to the much more offensive
Charlie Chan series from the forties which included A genuinely offensive
stereotype of the stupid ,scared Negro a.k.a. Manton Moreland. I honestly
think someone at NAATA mixed the two series up and while that would
NEVER justify censorship it might make more SENSE, since the thirties
Chan films are truly wonderful and the character is NOT in anyway
subservient. anyway here goes my favorite post from silent group

Please reconsider your decision. Or if not, you might want to think about
> canceling your upcoming showing of "Zorro the Gay Blade," because I'm sure a
> lot of my gay friends might take offense at such a bigoted portrayal of their
> sexual preference.

Actually, ZORRO THE GAY BLADE should be cancelled because Zorro is
played by George Hamilton, not a Latino actor.

Looking at today's Fox schedule there are others that should be

THE MARRIAGE GO ROUND: Swedish woman played by American Julie Newman,
with Swedish women depicted as sex crazy.

SILVER STREAK: Gene Wilder in blackface.

DAVID AND BATHSHEBA: Goy Gregory Peck in the title role (they could
still show GENTLEMAN'S AGREEMENT, though, because he's only pretending
to be Jewish).

Brent Walker


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