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Jessica Rosner (jrosner@kino.com)
Wed, 02 Jul 2003 13:34:38 -0400

I will post the text of the letter Fox put on their web site
justifying pulling the Charlie Chan films. Alas the link at the bottom
seems not be working , it may be overloaded
This is pulled from a very interesting discussion on the issue from
the Alt.movies.silent newsgroup which I recommend people check out
( two long threads). As noted Fox is ALSO pulling MR. MOTO films which
were very similar to Chan films in both quality ( EXCELLENT) and having
the white actor play an Asian character. AND they are pulling
the WILL ROGERS films which is horrible ( apparently due to appearances
by Stepin Fetchit). Basically if they don't run any films with potentially
offensive stereotypes , they may be out of programming.
What is really, really sad about this is that it will set Fox back
years in promoting one of the great but dormant studio libraries.
Even if they somehow change their mind on running the Chan filmsI can't ever
see them releasing them on DVD or getting through to their treasure trove of
classics. I urge everyone to contact Fox and let them know that
while we are APPALLED that they pulled the broadcast of the Chan films
we really want to SUPPORT them by watching and buying their older films
which are essential part of our cultural heritage.

"Fox Movie Channel will discontinue the broadcast of the Charlie Chan
mystery films.

Originally restored to meet the requests of mystery fans and film
preservation buffs, Fox Movie Channel scheduled these films in a
showcase intended to illustrate the positive aspects of these movies
such as the complex story lines/ characters and Charlie Chan's great
intellect. Additionally, numerous subscribers to Fox Movie Channel, as
well as film historians, have long requested that Fox Movie Channel
broadcast these films.

However, Fox Movie Channel has been made aware that the Charlie Chan
films may contain situations or depictions that are sensitive to some
viewers. Fox Movie Channel realizes that these historic films were
produced at a time where racial sensitivities were not as they are
today. As a result of the public response to the airing of these
films, Fox Movie Channel will remove them from the schedule.

In the hope that this action will evoke discussion about the progress
made in our modern, multicultural society, we invite you to please
click CONTACT US to send us your thoughts on the matter. "

Apparently this policy includes the Mr. Moto and Will Rogers films,
too...since those have also been dropped from the schedule.

Since they have invited comment, here is the URL of the "Contact Us"
page for Fox Movie Channel:


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