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Jed Horovitz (
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I think the ALA is missing the boat. Like so many things, government has
outsourced censorship. Have we given away the monopoly on broadcast
spectrum without retaining any interest in it as a commons?
PS Does anybody know who controls the performance license for the Charlie
Chan films?

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Of course the ALA has an Office of Intellectual Freedom. But the Fox
Channel is a private organization that can do as it pleases. Censorship
is specifically defined as a banning of information by a public or
government agency (like a school or a state government office). On a
somewhat different but related note: There is a book titled Censorship
2001: 25 Years of Censored News (Available on amazon). The book tells
the stories that never make to your news broadcasts. Take a look at -
get it from your local library. You will be shocked!
News channels make decisions (right or wrong) all the time about what
they will and will not show their viewers. And isn't that why there was
such a hue and cry over the latest FCC decision about ownership of the
media? This is much bigger than Charlie Chan. Charlie Chan is the tip of
this proverbial iceberg.

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>>> 07/02/03 09:34AM >>>
I agree. Mr. Chan is a hero of mine. So what can we do about it?
the ALA have a group involved in censorship issues?
Jed Horovitz

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Bravo, Jessica. This would be terrible censorship, if indeed it

Has the NAATA watched these movies before deciding to "ban them"?
doesn't sound like it.

Mary Kirby
Library Media Project

At 06:56 PM 7/1/03 -0400, you wrote:

I am sure I am opening up a BIG can of worms here but I am VERY
and sad that due a complaint from NAATA and other Asian American
organizations the Fox Movie Channel has abruptly cancelled
showings of
the classic Charlie Chan films from the thirties. I think it is
and tragic that ANY media organization would encourage censorship
to the
extent of preventing films from being seen. What is particularly
upsetting is that I doubt most of these people have ever WATCHED
films. While the issue of white actors playing Asian roles can be
debated , do we ban ALL films in which white actors play Indians,
Asians , Non- Jews playing Jews etc ? In fact the Chan character IS
the shuffling pigeon English speaking buffoon described in NAATA's
letter of
complaint , but a well educated , well spoken HERO who always
solves the
mystery the white police CAN'T . I realize it is not
my place to tell someone what is and is not a stereotype of their
I would love to know exactly WHICH films people watched to come to
conclusion. The Charlie Chan films are much prized by film &
and are wonderful "B" movies that helped launch the careers of
directors, writers & actors
To get these films "banned" by removing them from TV ( You can't
legally on video) is the worst kind of censorship. Should Kino
BROKEN BLOSSOMS or THE CHEAT since they contain respectively a
playing a Chinese character and a stereotype of a lustful Asian. I
plan on campaigning against the many of the films by starring Anna
& Sessue Hayakawa which often contain stereotypes for worse than
Chan even if the actors were Asian

It is just inexcusable to encourage Fox or anyone to remove
a film that you find offensive. If they wanted Fox to do some
commentary or have links to a web site explaining their position
have been an excellent way of getting their view across. This is
pure & simple

There is one amusing bit of irony in that the highest rated show
on the Fox News Channel is Bill O'Reilly who spends a LOT of time
attacking the "left" for their "PC" attitudes on cultural issues
I suggest he look in his own backyard.
Jessica Rosner
Kino International
333 W 39th St. 503
NY NY 10018

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