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Hi, Tracy,

Hope all is going well for you. Things are good here except, of course, the

I was going to buy the RTI but I got to thinking about it and have pretty
much decided against it. The reason is that we lose a lot of DVDs to theft.
The RTI wont help with that.Our next biggest problem is breakage. The RTI
wont help with that either. The third biggest problem is little scratches on
the non playing side. That is what the RTI was designed to fix but we seem
to be able to manage with a $39.95 motorized "Scratch Dr." The next biggest
problem is scratches on the playing side rendering the DVD or CD useless.
Again, the RTI is of no use. Then there are the deep gouges. The RTI can fix
these too, we hear. However, this is the smallest problem we have that we
can do anything about. For the price of the RTI we replace every deeply
gouged DVD or CD we are ever likely to see.

I wouldn't like to be without my RTI for cleaning VHS, though.

Let me know if you get any feedback on the Azuradisc. I might be interested
in that later if the price is low enough.

Hope we'll see you at the OLC workshop in September.

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> Hi all,
> Does anyone have any experience using either of these disc cleaners/repair
> devices: RTI or Azuradisc? We have used the RTI VHS tapecheck for years
> and love it, but we're not sure about performance of various disc repair
> machines.
> Thanks in advance,
> Tracy Montri
> Toledo Public Library
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