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Coincidentally, I was talking on the phone to the RTI service department when this e-mail arrived. We just purchased an RTI DiscChek (model 700) last week. We've been running PILES of CDs, DVDs and CD-ROMs through it--things that are pretty badly scratched that we've been hanging onto in the hopes that they could be repaired. I'm quite satisfied with the 50/50 success rate we've had so far--many of the items were so badly damaged that we charged the patron for replacement, so it hardly came as a surprise that the DiscChek couldn't repair them.

The three people in this department who use the machine are thrilled with it. I've had occasion to call the service department twice with questions and both of the people that I spoke with were thorough, patient, friendly, very knowledgeable and encouraging. I'd be happy to answer more specific questions regarding our experience if you'd like to e-mail me directly.

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Hi all,

Does anyone have any experience using either of these disc cleaners/repair
devices: RTI or Azuradisc? We have used the RTI VHS tapecheck for years
and love it, but we're not sure about performance of various disc repair

Thanks in advance,
Tracy Montri
Toledo Public Library
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