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Hi Jean, My name is Jim Scholtz and I've been writing about video and
libraries since 1985. While I think that it is great your are asking for
samples of selection/collection development policies here, you might also
want to check out some great new sources. Gary Handman's book, Video
Collections in Multi-type Libraries (1998, rev. 2003, Greenwood Press) has
some excellent chapters on collection development and also a couple of
collection development policies specifically for AV materials (including
DVD - including the Danville Public Library, IL policy which is
great). Okay, I wrote that chapter, but the book also has some interesting
commentary on why a CD policy is written the way it is. My earlier books,
while they don't cover the current media (1985 - 1996) will give you a
template and discussion on element inclusion for specific circumstances
regarding CD/selection policies. You can also go to various library
websites (like the Schaumburg (IL) Public Library website and get their CD
policy. (or use Google to access library websites). Hope this information

At 12:40 PM 6/14/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi. I've been lurking on this listserv for about a year now, enjoying the
>conversations. And now I have a question.
>I am rewriting my Public Library's video collection development policy and
>it would help me to see samples from other public libraries. Please post
>them, if you can, or send them to me directly.
>Thanks a million in advance.
>Jean Penn
>Pasadena Public Library
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