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Nell Chenault (njchenau@vcu.edu)
Thu, 12 Jun 2003 14:55:36 -0400

I also just got some suggestions from a Toronto resident. See the three
suggestions below. I like the looks of Milestone's, Spring Rolls, or
Alice Fazooli's.

Spring Rolls <http://www.springrollsonline.com/>:

> There's a new place on Front Street (east of Yonge near the St.
> Lawrence Market) called "Spring Rolls". It's nouveau Thai, good
> prices, nice wine/beer selection. Nice place, can wear jeans! Good
> for lunch or dinner. Would be close for them if the conference is at
> the Toronto Convention Centre on Front. Within walking distance.

Alice Fazooli's <http://www.toronto.com/infosite/147275/>: "Also on
Adelaide Street just west of John Street is Alice Fazoolie's. Good
prices (for Toronto) pretty good food, big backyard patio, and casual.
That would be about 5 blocks from the Convention Centre.
or Seven Numbers:
An absolute gem of an Italian Restaurant is "Seven Numbers". It's an
authentic southern Italian restaurant, with a patio, good wine list and
cheap cheap cheap! It's on Eglinton Ave, about 5 blocks west of Yonge
Street (on the south side) and can be accessed by Subway from the
Yonge/Eglinton stop. The food is great, the service good and the
atmosphere is urban chic meets totally mellow just happy to be here with
no snobbery! Totally reccommended, but go on the early side cause it's
always busy....may not be as good for a group outing....but good for
smaller numbers.

Carleton Jackson wrote:

>Mike et al:
>After consulting with a couple local people, a few restaurants local to
>"party" district in downtown Toronto were suggested. One suggested by all was
>Milestone's Grill and Bar. Its a Toronto chain but is not expensive, a local
>watering hole restaurant and "huge" enough to accomodate few and many. On a
>Friday night one would still need reservation for a large group, but we could
>certainly adjust the number as we know the truth. The info is at:
>The Milestone's at 134 John Street is recommended, since NFBC is 150 John
>Street. We can do some Gala PR by proximity.
>Start counting...
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