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Don't know the series, but I believe the Fredfilm is Royal Wedding (1951)

At 09:44 AM 6/11/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>The Fred Astaire dancing on the wall/ceiling was used in a
>Fred Astaire retrospective that PBS broadcast called
>That's Entertainment.
>I can't give you more info. - I only saw it when it was
>broadcast, but that's a clue.
>Good luck,
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>Subject: [Videolib] Perception
>A colleague has an Art teacher requesting a film that could
>be a Nova or PBS production on "Perception" with Fred Astaire dancing on
>the ceiling. She will be teaching concave and convex lessons.
>Does anyone have an idea what series this may be from?
>Thanks in advance for any clues.
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