[Videolib] new DVD security cases and shelving problems

Mike Boedicker (mboedicker@hotmail.com)
Tue, 10 Jun 2003 14:39:12 -0500

A few months ago Gressco introduced a new DVD "Kwik" security case called
the Slimline, which stacks better side-by-side. Has anyone been using this,
and if so, how effective is it in deterring theft? (You can reply to me off
list). I have a Slimline sample but it looks pretty wimpy compared to their
original, much bulkier DVD Kwik case. We use the original and find them
effective at deterring theft, but they don't stand up straight -- or more
specifically, when several are placed side by side they lean in and create a
domino effect. On that note, has anyone found an effective, browsable,
space-saving way of displaying DVDs in these older Kwik cases so that they
DON'T fall over like dominos? Thanks.


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