[Videolib] 16mm Georg von Bekesy

Dan Donnelly (d-donn@tc.umn.edu)
Fri, 06 Jun 2003 14:50:13 -0500

Just a shot in the dark. Anyone ever heard of a 16mm film prepared by Georg von Bekesy (Nobel Laureate in Medicine, 1961) illustrating some of his research into human hearing? I've searched WorldCat in the hope that some library out there might still hold 16mm prints and maybe this film. Found only a video set released one year after von Bekesy died.

There's a faculty member here who thinks he used such a film in his teaching 25 years ago (is certain the video set I found in WorldCat couldn't be what he's looking for) but can't recall the title or where he may have gotten the film, so long ago. Anyway, though there once was a 16mm collection at Minnesota and maybe he got it from there that collection is kaput. The service was closed in 1998 and my library nixed the idea of keeping the films.

Thanks for any advice.

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