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Dear Lisa and other Videolibbers,

While the New York Times review of CAUGHT IN THE CROSSFIRE was not a
"rave", it did include positive statements about the film, including the

"In its acute eye and ear for quotidian detail, and in its compassion for
innocents, the film proves undeniably affecting." - New York Times

Newsweek called the program, "A rare glimpse into a previously invisible -
and often in question - community." And the Baltimore Sun review said the
film was, "Brilliant... no one who watches will be able to see Arab or
American identity in simple black-and-white terms [again]. Officer
Nasser's final words in the film are among the most eloquent and resonant
in all the [9/11 anniversary] programs." Last, the Middle Eastern Studies
Association selected CAUGHT IN THE CROSSFIRE to show at their 2002
conference, an honor rarely if ever granted to a documentary without
substantive value.

But don't take my word for it, contact Alex McAdams ( to
preview a VHS free of charge. To those of you unfamiliar with this title,
see the following website:


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