Re: [Videolib] list for juvenile a/v?

Rick Faaberg (
Sun, 01 Jun 2003 01:41:29 -0700

On 5/31/03 11:16 AM "Pamela Conroy" <> sent this out:

> I wish I could stay on this list, but unfortunately this list is not right
> for me. I am looking for a list that would concentrate on video or both
> audio and video for children. If you know of such a list, I would
> appreciate hearing about it directly at
> Thank you.
> -Pam Conroy


Please check out National Association of Media & Technology Centers (NAMTC)
at <>.

I maintain the website and several related email lists, one of which might
be perfect for you to ask questions about media for K-12 on. There are both
institutional members and media vendor representatives on the lists.

You have to be a member of NAMTC to participate in the lists.

HTH and feel free to ask me questions re: the organization off-list if you

Rick Faaberg
NAMTC Webmaster and NAMTC Listmom

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