[Videolib] review - WRONG TURN and real monsters in Appalachia

Steve Fesenmaier (mystery12@charter.net)
Fri, 30 May 2003 17:03:07 -0400

Film Nuts  July 2003

Wrong Turn  Waste of Time

I went to see the first show at the Park Place Stadium Theaters on
Friday at 1PM. There were two good things about the film  it was short
and the initial car crash was believable. Everything else was totally
fake from the WV license plates  I had to get some for a great TV film,
Angel City, to the chop-shop inbred cannibalistic natives. I told my
wife, who demanded that she see it, that the film was a lot easier to
watch than one of its many sources  The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The
masks the cannibals wore were right out of a drugstore, and the dialogue
was much worse than the typical Buffy the Vampire Killer series which
the lead, Eliza Dushku, co-stars in with Sarah Michele. Stan Winston,
one of Hollywoods greatest special effects people, should be ashamed to
put his name on this film. It definitely was no better than other
WV-linked psychotronic films like Captured Alive or Teenage
Strangler. The terrain did NOT look like WV except vaguely. However, I
have to admit that the best part of the film was the opening showing
newspaper headlines about other people being murdered in the mountains.
I would not recommend that anyone see this, even bored teenagers. Just
rent something truly scary like Alien Resurrection which I watched on
TV the night before. If there are any real monsters in WV, they are the
ones being exposed on Bill Moyers PBS news series, NOW, like J. Stephen
Griles and the owners of the chemical companies that have turned the
Kanawha Valley into Cancer Valley. Talk about Night of the Living
Dead, check out what happened in Bhopal, India when Union Carbide
released tons of MIC in the worst industrial accident in history. One
local filmmaker wanted to make a psychotronic film about people in
Southern WV being killed by a vast chemical spill. Bhopal, WV?

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