Re: [Videolib] Amistad video?

Brigid Duffy (
Thu, 29 May 2003 10:26:52 -0700

Try "Slave Ship", a Discovery Channel video sold by Films for the
Humanities & Sciences ( or phone: (800) 627-9399) -
price $129.95 plus shipping, or "Ships of Slaves: The Middle Passage" from
A&E ( or phone: (800) 828-6565) at $24.95 plus
shipping. Both discuss the real "Amistad" incident.

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>Subject: Video on the Amistad
> I am looking for a video on the "Amistad" - the slavery ship that
>came from Africa and was overpowered. The movie that was out a few
>years ago is rated "R". Does anyone know of a program that is
>available on this that is not rated R? Thanks. Teri Bruno

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