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Chip Taylor (sales@chiptaylor.com)
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I see in Rick's follow-up that his question about jobs (within CTC) wasn't
supposed to go to the list; however, since sales and an ALA opportunity can
benefit members of the list, I feel it's appropriate to address job
opportunities and to extend the $500 opportunity.

1) re: jobs - since www.chiptaylor.com has a large collection of programs
and a very sophisticated sales marketing system in place, CTC works with
exclusive sales individuals, not independent representatives. Our sales
people must know our product in order to represent it properly, they must
understand the needs of the customers, and they must agree with the basic
mission of CTC, to assist educators and librarians to open minds through
education, instruction and awareness through the utilization of quality
educational media. I underscore the latter because this kind of sales is not
an easy job. It takes hard work and total dedication to the mission in order
to succeed. We seek no one who doesn't believe in the mission 100%. At
present CTC has 4 dedicated sales people and we are seeking to add one or
two more sales people. Any interested party must be advised that each
position has a sales' quota that must be met in order for that person to
continue in the position.

2) re: "Table Sitter" at ALA - CTC is seeking an interested and totally
reliable person to assist CTC by representing its Table at the upcoming ALA
meeting in Toronto. Exhibits are for 4 days and CTC will pay the accepted
candidate $500 for the effort. No sales are involved; however, this
opportunity has led to job placement within CTC in the past. If notified by
June 5th, CTC can provide a Free ALA Pass to the exhibits for an additional
person to attend as well.

Interested parties may contact Chip Taylor, President: sales@chiptaylor.com

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> Have any jobs? :-)

Sorry that was NOT to go the list. My oops.

Rick Faaberg

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