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Trent Nicholas (
Fri, 23 May 2003 11:37:37 -0400

Yes, good choice. "One, Two, Three" parodies our consumer capitalism and,
just as much, it parodies U.S.S.R. communism and the Cold War in general,
C.1961. Not at the very tippy top of Billy Wilder's greatest comedies but
comes close and has fine, hilarious moments (i.e. Coca Cola used to bribe
East German guards). The last movie for Cagney still in possession of his
vigor and spark. Should be available on VHS and DVD from the normal outlets
such as
T. Nicholas

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Hello All,

Is anyone familiar with this film? As I understand it, it is a parody of
America's culture of consumption (e.g. soft drinks etc) set in Europe. Is
it available for sale in any format?

Thanks in advance,
Mark Green
Simpson College
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