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<< Makavejev was a guest of the Townsend Center for the humanities a few
back. I got to have lunch with him...nothing like you'd expect: a very
sedate kinda guy. I dunno about including Sweet Movie on the
me mid-70's flashbacks just thinking about it. >>

Hmmm, must have been the occassion. The last word I would describe Dusan is

By the way, to plug an old restoration of mine that's coming out on DVD
through Kino, QUEEN KELLY has a wonderful scene where the prince tries to seduce
the convent girl with a banquet consisting completely of aphrodesiacs.

And, not checking your list, there's always Bunuel's Discreet Charm of the
Bourgeoisie, Animal House, Eating Raoul, Cannibal the Musical, Keep the River on
Your Right, Silence of the Lambs, The Emperor's Naked Army Marches On (sadly
not on video!!!), Alive, Ken Burns' documentary on the Donner Party. Okay, you
may have noticed that my computer has crashed and I'm in an evil, evil mood...

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