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Deg Farrelly (DEG.FARRELLY@asu.edu)
Wed, 21 May 2003 18:15:40 -0700

I sent the following to Gary in a private email, but seeing all of your
responses inspires me to send it along to the list as well. There are very
few duplications of titles that others have suggested.

NOT included in my original list to Gary was:

Theater of Blood, 1973
Vincent Price, as a Shakespearean actor taking revenge on his critics by
re-enacting plot developments from Shakespearian works, including feeding to
one of the critics, his pet dogs.

I don't recall the specific episode, and it IS televison, not film, but
there was a wonderful Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode, starring Patricia
Neal, I think. She played a woman who killed her husband by bludgeoning him
with a frozen leg of lamb, then cooked the lamb, and served it to the
detective questioning her about how her husband died.

My list to Gary:

"On a Clear Day you Can See Forever"
Streisand sings a love song of similies comparing love to a feast

"Women in Love"
An early scene (Alan Bates and Glenda Jackson) includes instructions on how
to eat a fig, with strong sexual innuendo comparing it to a form of oral

Monty Python's "The Meaning of Life"
Mr. Creosote scene in which a man gorges himself until he explodes

"Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory"
Candies as symbols of vices....

How to Create a Junk Food (Coronet Film - Probably no longer available)

A behind-the-scenes exploration of two new snack foods in the making.
Focuses on process of determining what the market wants and how technology
enables manufacturers to create the hybrid of tastes, textures, and and
other characteristics that they think will sell.

Conspirators of pleasure [videorecording] = Spiklenci slasti ; Food /
written and directed by Jan Svankmajer.
Publisher New York, NY : Kino on Video : Zeitgeist Films, [1998].

Food: A surreal and humorous look at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 1993 (14

Dirty business [videorecording] : food exports to the United States /
director, camera & editor Jon Silver.
Publisher Freedom, Calif. : Migrant Media Productions, c1990.

Documents the relocation from Watsonville, California to Mexico of about
four hundred food-processing jobs by Pillsbury-Green Giant and explores many
impacts of agribusiness in Mexico, including pollution, environmental
damage, child labor, and health problems.

Eat, drink, and be merry-- / a BBC-TV Time Life Television co-production ;
written and presented by James Burke ; produced by Mick Jackson and David
Publisher New York, NY : Time Life Video : Ambrose Video Publishing
[distributor, between 1987 and 1993].

Traces the connection between military arms used during the time of Charles
the Bold, canning, refrigeration, modern space rockets, and the world of
plastic and credit cards.

Fast food women / by Anne Lewis Johnson ; [produced by] Headwaters.
Publisher Whitesburg, KY : Appalshop, c1991.

Examines the working conditions of women working in fast food restaurants in
eastern Kentucky.

Harvest of fear / written, produced and directed by Jon Palfreman ; a
Frontline and Nova coproduction with the Palfreman Film Group Inc. in
association with the BBC.
Alexandria, VA] : Distributed by PBS Video, c2001.

Frontline and Nova explore the intensifying debate over genetically-modified
(gm) food crops. Interviewing scientists, farmers, biotech and food industry
representatives, government regulators, and critics of biotechnology, this
two-hour report presents both sides of the debate, exploring the risks and
benefits, the hopes and fears, of this new technology.

McLibel : two worlds collide / a One-Off production ; producer/director,
Franny Armstrong.
London : One-Off Productions ; Northampton, MA : Media Education Foundation,

The story of Helen Steel and Dave Morris who faced a libel suit brought by
the McDonald's Corporation.

World Food Day [videorecording] / a production of George Washington
Taped with permission from a live teleconference held at George Washington
University, Washington, D.C.,

Part of the effort to build public consensus for rich and poor countries to
work together to protect environment and biodiversity. In this arena the
rich are poor and the poor rich.


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