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Here are two that we enjoyed thoroughly on DVD. Both relate food to
ethnicity...and food to food, for that matter.

Catfish in Black Bean Sauce (1999)

What's Cooking? (2000)

IMDB or Netflix will give you plot summaries. It's been a while since we
saw the DVDs (via Netflix), so I'm reluctant to write a two-sentence
Both indie films.

-walt crawford, rlg-

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Hi all:

Well not trivia really (but sorta):  I'm putting together a food in the
movies web page (and bibliography) for a course here on the politics and
culture of food (cool, eh?).  Take a look

I know there's more...I could use your help.

Here are the ground rules:

1.  Movie or scene must "say" something substantive about the relationship
of food/eating/cooking to race/ethnicity, gender, class, sex, etc. etc.
etc.  The usual academic focuses...
2.  Movie must be available on video (because I'm relating this page to
stuff we own or can acquire)
3.  Give me a two to four line description of the movie or scene and I'll
put your name up in lights on the page.

Bon appetite!
Gary Handman
Media Resources Center
Moffitt Library
UC Berkeley

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