Re: [Videolib] UnitedStreaming - any feedback?

Robin Feinland (
Mon, 19 May 2003 10:10:18 -0700

>>Thanks very much to those who gave me feedback about
>>UnitedStreaming and other video streaming and video-on-demand
>>collections. You've been great! I am still interested in hearing
>>about other experiences and opinions. Please feel free to send
>>these to me off the list.

Thanks again for the great feedback!


>Anyone out there have experience with UnitedStreaming from United
>Learning. Is it managed and offered for faculty/student use through
>your library? Can you comment on what you think of the content, as
>well as access issues and experiences both good and bad? Anyone
>provide access to other Internet-delivered video streaming
>Thanks much in advance for any input.
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