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Do you have to buy them from Peter Graves?
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> From: > Reply-To: > Date: Fri, 16 May 2003 16:00:02 -0600 > To: > Subject: [Videolib] FW: [AMIA-L] Disney to begin renting 'self-destructing' > DVDs > > -----Original Message----- > From: ROBERT GRAVES [mailto:ak1743@WAYNE.EDU] > Sent: Friday, May 16, 2003 3:43 PM > To: AMIA-L@LSV.UKY.EDU > Subject: [AMIA-L] Disney to begin renting 'self-destructing' DVDs > > > tmpl=story&u=/nm/20030516/tc_nm/media_disney_dvds_dc > > > LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - This disc will self-destruct in 48 > hours. > > That is the warning The Walt Disney Co. will issue this > August when it begins to "rent" DVDs that after two days > become unplayable and do not have to be returned. > > Disney home video unit Buena Vista Home Entertainment will > launch a pilot movie "rental" program in August that uses the > self-destruction technology, the company said on Friday. > > The discs stop working when a process similar to rusting > makes them unreadable. The discs start off red, but when they > are taken out of the package, exposure to oxygen turns the > coating black and makes it impenetrable by a DVD laser. > > Buena Vista hopes the technology will let it crack a wider > rental market, since it can sell the DVDs in stores or almost > anywhere without setting up a system to get the discs back. > > The discs work perfectly for the two-day viewing window, said > Flexplay Technologies, Inc., the private company which > developed the technology using material from General Electric > Co. > > The technology cannot be hacked by programmers who would want > to view the disc longer because the mechanism which closes > the viewing window is chemical and has nothing to do with > computer technology. > > However, the disc can be copied within 48 hours, since it > works like any other DVD during that window. > > Buena Vista did not disclose pricing plans but said the > discs, dubbed EZ-D, would be available in August in select > markets with recent releases including "The Recruit," "The > Hot Chick," and "Signs." > _______________________________________________ > Videolib mailing list > >

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