Re: [Videolib] WEB TV

Rick Faaberg (
Wed, 14 May 2003 23:46:09 -0700

On 5/14/03 11:04 AM "Chris McNevins" <> sent this

> I was recently handed a list of feature film video titles to order for
> possible placement on WEB TV. I know this issue has been addressed here
> before, however when I took a cursory look at the VIDEOLIB archive I
> couldn't find it.

With any form of distribution, you talk to the distributor and they talk to
the copyright holder. Agreements are made and dollars change hands.

So digital/network distribution is no different. You reach an agreement with
the party that has the right to grant you the right to distribute the
materials via network, for whatever dollar amount is agreed upon.

As I've said before, "duplication rights" is kind of a model for what you
might expect to pay.

Get everything in writing. There're lots of parameters including definition
of the user base, clip rights, download rights, cache rights, physical media
rights, streaming rights, etc.



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