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Robin Feinland (
Wed, 14 May 2003 16:54:19 -0700

>Thanks so much Kelly. You were so helpfu! Are you finding the
>schools all have the equip. and software they need to have success
>with this type of system? Do you know what the most common use has


>Hi Robin,
>We are currently offering this service to our schools. We have had
>good success with it. There are access issues---there are basic
>software and hardware guidelines but so far our schools are enjoying
>it. There are concerns of using it with a whole class---need a
>projector etc. I have tried to get folks to see it as another
>tool---to use it in small groups, or individual learning...also, we
>have a lot of this programs in our media collection, so if they want
>the video, they can check it out, rather than stream or download.
>I am impressed iwth the curriculum materials, calendar and image
>gallery. Those are great pieces. The content of the videos is very
>good and well received.
>Any other things you want to know, just email me and I'll be glad to respond!
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>>>> 05/14/03 01:20PM >>>
>>Hi all,
>Anyone out there have experience with UnitedStreaming from United
>Learning. Is it managed and offered for faculty/student use through
>your library? Can you comment on what you think of the content, as
>well as access issues and experiences both good and bad? Anyone
>provide access to other Internet-delivered video streaming
>Thanks much in advance for any input.
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