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Do you mean WebCT, the online classroom management system?

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I was recently handed a list of feature film video titles to order for
possible placement on WEB TV. I know this issue has been addressed here
before, however when I took a cursory look at the VIDEOLIB archive I
couldn't find it.

IWhat's allowed under copyright law? Are there/what are the
etc? Will I need to get PPRs or another type of permission for each
Are the same restrictions applied for using video clips? Are there any
other considerations I haven't thought of? I believe that the intent is
have this material placed on some sort of virtual reserve for students
have access to it independently for follow up discussion in class.

The past discussions about copyright on this listserv have been enough
make my head spin so I really hesitate "going there" again. Still, I'm
little fuzzy about the "bottom line" (heck, IS there EVEN a bottom
line, or
is it just one perpetual slippery, slimy slope??)

P.S. I really appreciate the questions/answers/discussions and useful
on this listserv--I've learned so much from you all!! : )

Just muckin' along,


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