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Kelly Bryant (
Wed, 14 May 2003 11:40:18 -0700

Hi Robin,
We are currently offering this service to our schools. We have had good success with it. There are access issues---there are basic software and hardware guidelines but so far our schools are enjoying it. There are concerns of using it with a whole class---need a projector etc. I have tried to get folks to see it as another tool---to use it in small groups, or individual learning...also, we have a lot of this programs in our media collection, so if they want the video, they can check it out, rather than stream or download.

I am impressed iwth the curriculum materials, calendar and image gallery. Those are great pieces. The content of the videos is very good and well received.

Any other things you want to know, just email me and I'll be glad to respond!

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>>> 05/14/03 01:20PM >>>
>Hi all,

Anyone out there have experience with UnitedStreaming from United
Learning. Is it managed and offered for faculty/student use through
your library? Can you comment on what you think of the content, as
well as access issues and experiences both good and bad? Anyone
provide access to other Internet-delivered video streaming

Thanks much in advance for any input.


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