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Hello Deg:
The title is actually the Bronswik Affair and its available from the National
Film Board of Canada.

The Bronswik Affair
1978, 23 min 25 s
A very funny yet deadly serious film, The
Bronswik Affair demonstrates the
effectiveness of advertising in motivating
people to buy products they don't need.
It entertains through the comic appeal of
its characters and the baroque situations
they fall prey to. It also lays bare some
facts about the excesses of
consumerism prompted by a steady flow
of commercials.
Robert Awad, André Leduc

René Jodoin

Script and Text
Robert Awad

Simon Leblanc, Raymond Dumas, Jacques
Avoine, Richard Moras


Deg Farrelly wrote:

> I am writing on behalf of a colleague at another campus, who is working with
> a faculty member there.
> The faculty member is looking for a short film (video) which was shown as
> "filler" on HBO in the early 80's.
> This faculty member recalls the film's title as "Brunswick Affair". The
> only other info I have on the title is this quote from the faculty member:
> "They actually showed pictures of the victims."
> I have searched Educational Film and Video Locator (remember that?!),
> WorldCat, NICEM, the rental collections at Indiana U, Penn State, and U of
> Missouri.
> Any other ideas? Anyone remember a title along these lines?
> Thanx.
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