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There is a short called "The Bronswik Affair." We used to own it on 16mm;
25 min. c.1980 from McGraw-Hill. The annotation from our old catalog reads:
"The power of advertising is examined in this fantasy drama about a
television set with the hypnotic ability to entice people to buy whatever
products are advertised."

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I am writing on behalf of a colleague at another campus, who is working with
a faculty member there.

The faculty member is looking for a short film (video) which was shown as
"filler" on HBO in the early 80's.

This faculty member recalls the film's title as "Brunswick Affair". The
only other info I have on the title is this quote from the faculty member:
"They actually showed pictures of the victims."

I have searched Educational Film and Video Locator (remember that?!),
WorldCat, NICEM, the rental collections at Indiana U, Penn State, and U of

Any other ideas? Anyone remember a title along these lines?


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