Re: [Videolib] Panasonic VHS/DVD Player

Brigid Duffy (
Wed, 7 May 2003 11:38:45 -0700

Our techs prefer the JVC HR-SVC20U. We get them from AV Center in Red
Lodge, Montana, for less than $200 per unit (we buy a dozen at a time). Our
shop says the Panasonics are too lightweight.

But then, if your people don't have experience with JVC ...

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>Our technical folks want to know... Have you had a similar experience?
>About 25% of the Panasonic VHS/DVD Players, Model# PV-DV4742, that we
>purchased have failed and the manufacturer will not give us any
>satisfaction or replace the units.
>We're testing a Samsung combo player now as a possible alternative. What
>do you suggest for an easy-to-use player for installation in technology
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