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John C. DeSantis (John.C.DeSantis@Dartmouth.EDU)
07 May 2003 13:45:31 EDT

--- "Threatt, Monique L" wrote:
If I'm doing a multimedia presentation, I
always try to show a clip from the film when Judy explains to Mary the
nitty gritty of what it takes to be a librarian. I just love this
movie, but then again, I love Parker Posey.
--- end of quote ---

I love this scene also! "You can't be a librarian, Mary! A librarian is a professional.... with a Master's degree in Library Science!" (How often do you hear lines like that in movies?) And I loved the ending... when Mary is going through catalogs trying to choose a library school.
The DVD was released quite some time ago. In fact, right now it's on my desk waiting to be cataloged. It has a director's commentary track.

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