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Tue, 6 May 2003 07:57:44 -0700

Thanks to the 23 people who responded to my quick survey. I've written the
"Crawford Files" column (which will appear in September's American
Libraries) using summary info from the survey. I'll be preparing a
considerably longer discussion based largely on survey results and comments
in the September Cites & Insights (http://cites.boisestate.edu) as an
extension of the column.

Here are brief summary results without comments, followed by an invitation
for others to add to the knowledge base for the Cites & Insights essay:

1. Systematic info on DVD failures: Few have this info. One marked
children's fewer than 10, 2 adult fewer than 10 circs.
One marked both 10-24 circs. One marked both 100+ circs but considered
early failure a problem.
2. 10 considered early DVD failure a serious problem (plus one for
Children's but not for Adult). 10 did not.
3. Failure categories: 14 scratches/dirt, 12 broken/cracked hubs, 8 gouges,
6 no visible damage, 2 shattered discs
Of those, 4 identified broken/cracked hubs as the predominant problem,
4 scratches/dirt.
4. Nobody retires DVDs based on a single patron report. Two use inspection,
4 multiple patron reports, 12 a combination of factors & tests.
5. Preventive and corrective measures (frequently more than one, of
3 replace DVD boxes with cases that don't use press-to-release hubs
7 use patron education--inserts or labels
13 wash DVDs reported as unusable (or all DVDs)
6 use optical paste repair kits/devices, 8 use liquid
treatments/devices, 7 use abrasive devices
11 reported combinations of tactics and specific devices
6. Comparing DVD failure to CD failure: 13 say DVDs fail faster, 4 say CDs
fail faster, 2 say they're about the same,
1 says spoken word CDs fail faster than DVDs which, in turn, fail
faster than music CDs.

And here's the briefer survey if you'd like to add your results/comments;
I'd be pleased to hear from academic as well as public libraries.
Respond to wcc@notes.rlg.org
Deadline August 10, 2003

1. Is DVD failure a serious problem in your library?
2. Please note the predominant source of failure, then others that occur
2a. Broken/cracked disc hubs; 2b. Scratches/unwashable dirt; 2c. Deep
gouges; 2d. No visible damage; 2e. Shattered discs
3. What do you do to verify that a disc is unplayable? (Assuming the hub or
disc isn't shattered!)
4. What preventive and corrective measures do you take?
5. Comparing DVD and CD failure rates relative to circulation, would you
5a. DVDs fail with fewer circulations. 5b. About the same. 5c. CDs
fail with fewer circulations.
6. Please add any comments not covered by the questions--particularly
treatments you've found particularly worthwhile or useless.
7. Can I quote you by name? If so, please include name and library

-walt crawford-

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