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In addition to our classic documentary, "Trobriand Cricket: An
Ingenious Response to Colonialism," which Brigid Duffy was kind
enough to suggest, we also have "True-Hearted Vixens," a poignant
documentary that explores the politics of women's sports in America
by following the first year of a professional women's football
league. Here's a quote from a reviewer about "True-Hearted Vixens":

"A superb and compelling documentary that explores some of the
deepest conflicts and the sexual politics of women's professional
sports. It asks the audience to consider what is really for sale,
women's athletic competition and skill or the 'sexy,' 'saucy' female
wiles of athletes called 'vixens'? The film really works as a
self-contained tragicomic story that raises all the hard,
still-unanswered questions that don't get asked when we look at pro
tennis and soccer, or even the WNBA -- because they are too dicey. I
recommend this challenging and entertaining film as an excellent
resource for classes in women's studies, sports studies, sociology,
recent U.S. history, and popular culture." -- Susan Cahn, Assoc.
Prof. of History, State Univ. of New York at Buffalo; author of
"Coming On Strong: Gender and Sexuality in Twentieth-Century Women's

If you would like additional information, please let me know directly.

Daniel Bickley

At 12:01 PM -0400 5/2/03, LeeAnne Krause wrote:
>I've got a professor looking for films that combine politics and
>sports. So far I've though of Ali, and Chariots of Fire. Any ideas?
>LeeAnne L. Krause
>Manager, Educational Films
>USC Film Library

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