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Dear LeeAnne,

On the boxing thread, SPLIT DECISION is a relatively recent documentary
that, through one young fighter's story, forms a critique of current U.S.
immigration policies and our criminal justice system. Read the following
quotes, and click on the link at the bottom for a full synopsis.

"Engaging and moving...resonates on levels both political and personal." -
Austin Chronicle

"SPLIT DECISION is a very real and humane story, an excellently told story,
with brilliantly chosen music, a story that grabs the attention and emotion
of the viewer, a story that faithfully reflects the irony of life.
Absolutely don't miss it." - La Raza

"A gripping life story driven by the passion of boxer Jesus Chavez to
triumph in his sport, to win fair and square even when justice has not been
served, and most of all the power of heartfelt 'ganas' to rise above the
limitations of past errors." - Federico Subervi, Associate Professor,
University of Texas / Founder, Latinos and Media Project

"HIGHLY RECOMMENDED... compelling and thought provoking. This film exposes
the rigid and unforgiving nature of U.S. immigration laws. It's editing,
audio and video qualities are excellent. Those studying Latino or Chicano
Studies, Criminal Justice, Civil Rights, or the problems of immigrants will
find this film the most informative. It is suitable for high school,
undergraduate or graduate students." - Educational Media Reviews Online

** Best Documentary Award, 2000 CineFestival, San Antonio
** Best of the Festival & Encore Night Selection, 2000 Chicago Latino Film


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