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There was just a wonderful made for Cable film MAX & JOE which is probably
out on VHS ( Schmelling (sic?) Joe Louis relationship). 8 MEN OUT
Not sure if it is this had to be specific ideology but I consider
NORTH DALLAS FORTY and THE LONGEST YARD to be political films. There would
be a bizarre sub Genre of Holocaust sports films like TRIUMPH OF THE SPIRIT
and VICTORY. A wonderful and virtually unknown CRICKET film called PLAYING
AWAY. A couple of bad South African racial ones which I can't even remember
the name of ( sentimental stuff). If Gay is politics than you have films
like PERSONAL BEST, I guess a movie like REMEMBER THE TITANS could qualify.

Just a few off the top of my head

FYI I went to the RESCHEDULED 15th annaversary BULL DURHAM tribute
and the actor Robert Wohl said he did the film because " I always wanted to
be in anti-war film". Thanks to the people in charge of the Baseball Hall of
Fame , even non-political sports movies are now political.

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